Leading the leaders

Part of my mission is to get everyone on board with having mental fitness and focusing on the positive. I am blessed to have the opportunity to do so on a regular basis and the fulfillment it gives leaves me speechless week after week. This is my experience as the Minister of Music for One Church.



Depression hurts…


How many times have you felt like you don’t matter?

How many times have you been asked what’s the matter?

How many times have you lied and replied with I’m fine?

How many times have you wanted to die?

How many times have you died… emotionally?

Killed yourself

Cut yourself

Broke yourself

Hurt yourself

Had no words – unable to speak, unable to move.

Just think.

Just… Depression

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Not chilly enough for chili 🌶

Have you ever been lonely in your relationship?  Have you ever cried and you don’t know why?  You may be a victim of emotional abuse without knowing it.  When I say emotional abuse I am referring to periods of belittling, name calling, blaming, trying to control and the “silent treatment”.  The list goes on however these are the more common forms of the abuse.  Identifying and addressing the issue is the first step to freedom from this agony.

An argument with my husband stemmed from his anger of me making a big pot of chili. “It’s not even cold” he says.  “Don’t you realize that it is called chili for a reason?” he says.  I am ignoring all comments at first.  Comments like this are meant to belittle the victim and make her feel dumb.  Being informed on how to stop emotional abuse is a shield to your heart as you will not take things as personal in the midst of arguments.  Instead, it is imperative to know that the information is not rational coming from your partner and your intellect is not defined by his viewpoint.

He takes a shower then comes downstairs after mumbling for several minutes to himself.  “Don’t cook that chili like that no more.  I don’t want that xxxx.”  I tell him just don’t eat it.  I also tell him to stop with the emotionally abusive comments which ranged from me not doing anything all day but keeping our daughter, to the fact that every woman in the world goes to the grocery store with no issues except me.

Trying to stay calm, I start laughing.  He says “go ahead and put me on child support like the others did.  That’s all your xxx is going to do anyway”.  I didn’t comment.  He keeps yelling and being disrespectful so I just snapped.

I went in the kitchen and threw the food in the sink.  He looks on as if he is unbothered by it. He proceeded to act as though nothing had happened.  He apologized as usual the next morning.  I did not respond.

Emotional scars are slow to heal.  Having mental fitness is a must to take back charge of your life.


Views on Life

How we view life and the way we approach each event that occurs leads to exactly that – a mirror image of what we reflect on most of the time.  If that is our problems, more and more will come our way.  However, when we view all as good and in order, we open the doors for opportunities to grow.

Every thought happens for a reason specific to what we are envisioning as our life’s purpose.  Make that thought count.